Teen Program

  • If you're starting the Graduated Driver's License process between 14-1/2 and 15-1/2 years old, you're required to take thirty hours of Driver's Ed either online or in the classroom. At Learn to Drive, our 30-Hour classroom course is unlike anything else. It covers everything required by the state plus the entire Colorado Driver Handbook . Not much sitting around and daydreaming goes on here. Every student starts the course with their own LTD car and LTD Bank Account. (Okay, the car and money aren't real. We wish they were.)

    Through a unique game that occurs over the entire class, students learn about the realities of car ownership. Depending on the choices they make, how they participate in class and a little bit of luck, the students can win real-life prizes. Our students really learn the material because they interact with it differently.

    Additionally, we've teamed up with Action Karting and have created our Go-Kart program where students practice the important skills we cover in class. This two-hour program is key to integrating many important, defensive driving skills talked about in the class and it provides hands-on learning. (Instead of talking about driving, we're actually doing it.)

    In addition, it's a great break in the middle of an intensive week of study and learning. For some students, this will be their first time driving a motorized vehicle. We like that it's done in a controlled, safe environment. For more information, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

  • This option allows students with very busy schedules to take the 30 Hour class online at their convenience. This class is not as interactive as the classroom and doesn't include the Go-Kart portion of the class but may be a good choice if you're self-motivated, have a busy schedule, or just prefer to do things at your own pace. This class fulfills the requirements for the State of Colorado but does not cover all the contents of the Colorado Driver Handbook. Please pick one up and read it prior to taking the written permit test.

  • Our Behind the Wheel program was created by Don Corthell, a 40+ year veteran of the driving industry and former Boston policeman. He's designed the training of our instructors and created the routes to accomplish as much as possible in the state-mandated six hour time frame.

    Our six hours are rigorous and much like a driving boot camp. Don is a Commercial Driver's License instructor and Examiner, a Defensive Driving Instructor, and the Assistant Transit Manager for the Buff Bus program at the University of Colorado where he teaches college students to drive buses. Don also has certifications from the Department of Transportation Safety Institute in Safety, Training, Operations, and advance accident investigation.


  • Session 1: For complete novices who have never driven before, we start in a parking lot with basic acceleration, braking and steering techniques. In this parking lot, we cover right and left turns and lane usage. Usually, within an hour, we can graduate to driving residential and urban roads. If this session goes well, we will move the student to the next route on their next drive.

    Session 2: For students who have some familiarity with driving, we usually start on our second route which covers seven different driving environments: residential, rural, urban, roundabouts, two lane state highway, a short time on an interstate highway with no merging, school and construction zones. We also practice backing out of parking spaces, U-turns, 3-point turns and single and multi-lane turns. There are controlled and uncontrolled intersections on all of our routes. If the student is ready, they may progress to the next route.

    Session 3: On this route, we cover mountain and canyon driving, rural and residential areas, and mall parking lots. We also cover the three different types of parking: angle, perpendicular and parallel parking. On this route, we have steep grades, many warning signs for speed management on curves and downhill grades and lots of scanning practice. If the student is ready, they may progress to the next route.

    Session 4: On this last drive, we go into Downtown Denver and up Lookout Mountain. This route covers steep grades, left and right switchbacks, one-way streets, heavier traffic in the Denver downtown commercial area, construction and school zones, as well as merging onto the interstate highway. We'll practice right on red and left on red turns, multi-lane turns and navigating one-way streets.

    On every drive, we teach our "tangibles" and build on the strengths of any previous drive. Tangibles are guidelines anyone can use to drive safely no matter what vehicle they're driving. Tangibles often use a part of the car as a guideline for the performance of a maneuver. The tangibles allow our students to drive any non-commercial vehicle comfortably and confidently. The tangibles help students perform the maneuvers correctly and increase the safety of both the students and other drivers on the road. Tangibles remain the same and are transferrable from one vehicle to another creating an additional level of confidence among our students.

    As well, we also watch for the following skills and problem areas: basic driving skills (acceleration, braking, steering and correct hand position), turn signals, correct lane selection and lane keep, navigating intersections safely, road markings, road signs and traffic signals, turns, (Right, Left, Single Lane, Multi-Lane Turns, 3-point Turns, U-Turns, Right and Left on Red and Turns from a One Way onto a One Way Street) Parking, roundabouts, Following Distance and 3-second plus rule, scanning, searching and traffic checks, speed management, stopping gap and lane change procedures.

    As various situations present themselves, we use these as teaching opportunities (bikes, pedestrians, road and weather conditions, emergency vehicles and the like.) We can customize any driving session to suit your needs and preferences. Please talk with us about any particular concerns or problem areas you may have.

    • As part of the Graduated Driver's License law in Colorado and if you are between 15 1/2 years old and 16 – this course fulfills the classroom portion of your driver's education requirement. We cover Driving for Beginners, Making Good Decisions and Driving Behaviors. Classes are held twice a month on Wednesdays or Saturdays. Please see the scheduling page for available dates, times and class locations. If you buy the permit test along with the class, you'll receive 60% off the permit test.

      Please note: This class does NOT cover the entire contents of the Colorado Driver Handbook. Please pick up a copy and study it before coming to class since this is what the permit test covers. Also, we need a minimum of three students to hold a class. If we do not have the minimum enrolled, we will cancel and notify you 24 hours before the class. Lastly, any student who is taking the permit test will need to bring a photo ID and proof of date of birth (ex: birth certificate) to class.



  • What a fabulous experience! Super friendly, efficient, thorough and great at creatiung a great experience with a new driver. Highly recommend Learn to Drive.

    Apr 4, 2017, Deb

    I had Debbie for my test instructor and she was beyond lovely. The built up nerves and anxiety simply went away when I sat in the car with her. Super sweet and great at what she does.

    Apr 4, 2017, GraceStudent

    I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with instructor, Debi Tombling. She completed two of my daughter's behind the wheel driving sessions. In addition, she conducted her behind the wheel exam (12/1/16), which is a nerve-wracking experience for both parent and child. She was polite, professional, and did an excellent job at putting my daughter (and myself) at ease. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for driving classes for their teenager.

    Dec 6, 2016, Happy momMother
    Learn To Drive Go-Kart Program

    We're very excited to announce that we've teamed up with Action Karting and have created our Go-Kart program where students practice the important skills we cover in class. Read more ...

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    Wend 9 am - 4:30 PM

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