Testing Service

  • Registered Test Service Provider - No More DMV Lines

    We are the enjoyable, stress-free, quick alternative to the DMV. We have at least one—and often two-—state-certified examiners in our offices Monday through Friday (8AM to 5PM) ready to give the driver's license test and/or permit test at your convenience

    Schedule an appointment in advance or just walk-in. For those who can't test during the week, we now offer testing services on Saturdays–by appointment only– in Lakewood (10AM to 3PM).

    Our commitment to speedy testing, the very best in our classroom and behind-the-wheel training has earned us countless referrals, the best compliment we can receive. (See what people are saying about us.)

    Testing Service Packages:

    Below is the list of our testing packages and description. Please take a look and if ready you can securely signup today.


    Take your driver's test NOW!
    Avoid waiting three to six weeks to test at the DMV. Learn to Drive now has two convenient locations in Golden and Lakewood. In Golden, we're next to the Golden Driver's License Office. In Lakewood, we're only 5 blocks from the Lakewood DMV. Both of these offices can test for your permit or license. Please note: Even though the DMV at Pierce Street doesn't do drive tests, they do issue driver's licenses and permits and are often better staffed than the Golden Driver's License Office.

    At Learn to Drive, no appointment is needed although we are getting busier so it's not a bad idea to call ahead. Walk-ins are always welcome (although we may not be able to get you in right away). Our examiners are trained and certified by the state. We test Monday through Friday in both locations from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on Saturdays PREPAID AND BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in Lakewood from 10:00AM to 3:00PM.

    Before you come: Remember to bring proof of insurance and registration—both current—on the car you'll be driving. Additionally, please make sure your brake lights and turn signals all work and the front doors and windows work as well. Lastly, we will need to see a valid Permit to test you. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a restricted permit and are required to drive with an interlock (breathalyzer) device, we are happy to test you but, per state law, we must test you in a vehicle that is equipped with an interlock device.


    If you don't have access to a car in which to take your test, you can use ours—it's registered, insured and filled with gas—for only $20 more. (Please see interlock restrictions above.) If you need to use our car for your test, please call ahead of time to ensure we'll have one at our facility.


    Anyone requiring a permit test is welcome to take it at our facility. If the crowds at the Driver's License Facility unnerve you, our quiet classroom can be a nice alternative. For the price of $25, you can take the permit twice with us (if you fail the first time and if you missed less than thirteen questions), right away at no extra charge. Please be aware that we close at 5 pm. We will not be able to start a test after 4:30 pm, in order to give you enough time to complete the test without feeling rushed.


    If you're having a hard time passing the permit test, let us help you prepare by reviewing the Colorado Driver Handbook in a one-on-one tutoring session which takes about an hour. When you choose this package, you receive a 50% discount on the regular price of the permit test.


    Let us help you from the permit all the way to your license. This package includes the one-on-one permit prep class above, the permit test, the 6 hour Behind-the-Wheel package and the drive test. When you choose this package, you receive a 10% discount on the a la carte price.