Driver Assessment

  • If you're concerned about an employee or family member's ability to drive, our Driving Assessments provides a way to have their driving ability evaluated by a third-party professional.

    One of our Learn to Drive state-certified professional instructors will take the family member or an employee out for an hour in one of our company vehicles and assess various aspects of their driving ability from the basics–acceleration, braking, steering, shifting, searching and lane keep–to more advanced defensive driving techniques: 3+ second following distance, delayed acceleration at intersections and stopping gap. Our evaluation route covers seven different driving environments including highway, residential, commercial, rural, roundabouts and more.

    We'll write up a report of findings and summarize what we observed during the drive. We'll then send two copies to you and–if you like–a professional, company or HR Department of your choice.

    Please note: Learn to Drive has no authority to revoke or suspend a driver's license. We are not required to report our findings to any state authority and, as such, these evaluations have no binding power or authority upon us or the person being evaluated or their family members. These are simply our observations and our opinions. This evaluation is done as a service to our customers and, in no way, makes Learn to Drive responsible for the actions of the customer or person who requests this evaluation.