Practice Permit Test

  • Prepare for your Colorado Written Permit Test by taking Learn to Drive's quick, convenient, practice permit tests online. Right now! These are not the generic tests offered by other companies but are based on the most current Colorado Driver Handbook covering the rules of the road, driving laws, posted speed limits, road signs, roadway markings, emergency vehicles, emergency procedures, driving under the influence, and safe driving habits. These practice permit tests have 25 multiple choice questions just like the standard DMV knowledge test. You must answer twenty of the questions correctly (a score of 80%) to pass the test.

    Study with confidence using our practice permit tests and when you're ready for the real deal, stop by our office—anytime between 8AM and 5PM in either location—to take the permit test in a quiet, stress-free environment. Once you pass, we'll give you a certificate (valid for 180 days) which you can take over to the DMV to get your instruction permit issued.

    IMPORTANT: According to Colorado law, you have to be at least 14 years old and eleven months, to take the actual Colorado written knowledge test (permit test). You have to wait until you are 15 years old to go to the DMV and have your instruction permit issued. At the DMV, you'll need proof that you have completed a 30-hour Driver's Education class.

    Between 15 and a half years old and 16 years old, you'll need proof that you've completed either a 30-hour Driver's Education class or a 4-Hour Driver Awareness class.

    At 16 years old, the driver education requirements are no longer applicable. Once you have your learner's permit, you're required to hold your permit for a full 365 days before you can take the drive test to get your driver's license.