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Driving Academy offers affordable, state-approved classroom and behind-the-wheel lessons for teens, adults (seniors included) and aspiring truck (a.k.a. CDL) drivers. Our founder and lead instructor comes from a family of teachers and professional CDL drivers. With a lifetime of driver education experience, driving is something we take very seriously.

Students Video Testimonials

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Truck Driver (CDL) Testimonials

“When I finished college with a degree in General business, I was unable to find a decent job in my field, so I decided to get my CDL and then my dream was to run my own company. Driving Academy not only helped me obtain my license they set me up with owning my own truck and coached me on how to run my own business. Thank you Driving Academy for being the road to my freedom!”

– Michael, 22

“Driving Academy help me understand that anyone could get their CDL, even a single mother like me. They worked with my schedule and within about a month’s time I had obtained my CDL Class B with passenger endorsement. Now, I drive for a local bus company and still have time during the day to do my motherly duties! Thank you Driving Academy”

– Sandy, 33

“I put off trying to get a CDL because the majority of the schools have so many men. Driving Academy provided me with individual one on one training with the vehicles. The instructors were patient and thorough. I was very comfortable throughout the class. Thank You Diving Academy”

– Jess, 45

“The reason why I chose Driving Academy was because they had driving simulators. Since I never had any experience with trucks, the simulators were quite helpful. I learned how to shift and double clutch and have become quite good. They trained me on two different simulators and I feel confident that when I go on an interview, I will do well. Diving Academy, you’re the best”

– Anthony, 37

Standard License Earner Testimonials

“I never had the urge to get my license until moving out of the city made it necessary. Driving Academy helped me study for my permit, taught me the rules of the road and got me road ready to pass my driving test. Thank you guys, I really appreciate it”

– Jason, 22

“My parents hated the thought of me driving that they wouldn’t let me practice in their cars. I went to Driving Academy b/c I heard about the simulators they have (awesome btw). This school really helped me prepare for my road test and understand how safety is key! My parents are so impressed with my understanding of the rules of the road and driving ability, they don’t ever mind me driving them around anymore! Thanks again Driving Academy!

– Tammy, 17

“I am so happy I choose Driving Academy, they really helped me understand all the rules of the road and were so patient with me. My favorite part was the simulators, those things were awesome! Thanks Driving Academy!”

– Danny, 16

“I was very intimidated by the thought of driving, I had always used public transportation to get me and my family around but I needed my independence and freedom and that’s exactly what they helped me achieve, thank you again Driving Academy!”

– Dawn, 32

What Parents Say About Us!

“I was not ready to let my son get on these busy and dangerous roads but Driving Academy assured us that all their students safety was a number one concern along with mine. My son, has since, gotten his license and has impressed me with his driving ability. Thank you Driving Academy, you sure know how to put a parent’s mind at ease!”

– Heather -Mom of a junior in HS

“My daughter was not ready to drive and had avoided the topic every chance she got but with college approaching quickly and wanting the freedom that came along with it she had no choice but to conquer her fears. Driving Academy offered their extended course so she was able to get additional training, really giving her the confidence she will need on the road. She loved the simulators, those things are great for newbies. Thank you Driving Academy, now I don’t have to worry about my daughter, as much, while she’s off in the world!”

– Frank -Dad of a senior in HS