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Skills Day

The Skills Day includes changing tires on a vehicle, jumpstarting a vehicle, checking the vehicle’s fluids and where to add the fluids. The Skills Day also gives the kids a controlled, safe environment to experience the dangers of distracted driving, using a golf cart and a coned track.

Fun With Go-Carts

Skills Day allows students to have their first experience controlling a vehicle. Using Go-Carts provided through our partnership with Action Karting they will practice

  • Passing other vehicles
  • 360-degree searching and awareness
  • Communicating with other drivers
  • Under steering and over steering.

Distracted Driving

Using a golf cart on a driving course, students learn about distracted driving. 

  • First, they complete the course wearing Drunk Goggles
  • Then they try to drive while texting each other.
  • “I had no idea how hard distracted driving would be” is the constant comment

Maintenance and Mechanical Training

Students receive an introduction to practical maintenance of the car. We show them how to

  • Jumpstart the vehicle
  • Check the fluid levels to avoid damage
  • Measure air pressure
  • Change tires
  • And more!

The Skills Day can be added to any package for $150.00!