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Teen & Adult Driver’s Education in Littleton, CO

Peak Driver’s Ed is Now Community Driving School!

At Community Driving School, we offer complete teen and adult driver’s education courses to help residents of Littleton, CO, acquire the skills and knowledge they need for safe driving. Our instructors are experienced in all areas of the road test procedures and can prepare you for success.

Through our teen driver’s education course, students will learn essential driving skills that will enable them to become better drivers overall. Similarly, our adult driver’s education course will help you feel confident behind the wheel. We have also recently acquired Peak Driver’s Ed to provide further opportunities for Littleton drivers.

Learn more about our Littleton, CO, teen and adult driver’s education opportunities below, and contact us today to get started!

Littleton, CO Teen Driver’s Education

We understand the importance of teen driver education in Colorado. Our courses will help teens become safe and confident drivers on the roads of Littleton.

Through our teen driver’s education program, your child will learn how to properly navigate various types of roads, traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, and more. Our experienced instructors will also provide them with the hands-on practice they need to pass the road test and obtain their driver’s license.

State-Certified 30-Hour Classroom Course

The State of Colorado requires teen drivers to complete the 30-hour classroom course before they can take their road test. Our state-certified 30-hour classroom course meets all the requirements for teens who want to pass the Colorado Written Permit Test in Littleton, CO.

This comprehensive classroom course will give your child the knowledge they need to be safe and responsible. We break down our in-person teen driver’s education course into four days, covering the following topics:

  • Defensive Driving
  • Traffic Laws
  • Basic and Advanced Maneuvers
  • Understanding Your Vehicle

Each day stands alone – you can take them in any order. We frequently pair classes over weekends or during school breaks so teens can complete them in a week or over two weeks. State law requires your teen to complete all four subject areas within six months, so they can attend as they’re available – no scheduling necessary.

Self-Paced Online 30-Hour Course

iGottaDrive is a self-paced online 30-hour course that covers all the same topics as our in-person teen driver’s education program but gives your child the flexibility to learn at their own pace. The course takes them throughout the United States, incorporating the latest research into driver habits, safety features of new vehicles, and state-required topics.

As your teen navigates through the U.S. road trip, they will complete interactive quizzes that help prepare them for the Colorado Written Permit Test. They’ll also receive an e-post card as they complete each milestone.

4-Hour Driver Awareness Course

Our 4-Hour Driver Awareness Course fulfills the classroom portion of the driver’s education requirement for teens between 15 1/2 and 16 years old as part of the Colorado Graduated Driver’s License law. Your teen can take this course or the 30-Hour Driver’s Education course to fulfill the requirement.

The 4-Hour Driver Awareness Course is an excellent way to introduce teenagers to the basics of driving in Colorado. Your child will also learn the required state content in the 30-Hour Classroom Course.

6-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Training

Our 6-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Training for Littleton, CO, teens aims to help your child achieve the following goals:

  • Control your steering
  • Observe all traffic laws
  • Maintain your space
  • Utilize searching
  • Notice your surroundings
  • Identify dangers
  • Train your eyes
  • You’re responsible

The 6-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Training gives your child the real-world experience of being a safe and responsible driver. Our instructors will teach them how to respond in various driving situations and adequately utilize their vehicle’s features. We also cover Colorado state laws, rules of the road, and defensive driving techniques.

Skills Day

Skills Day at Community Driving School introduces students to real-world driving situations using go-karts through our partnership with Action Karting. Teens can practice their newly acquired skills in a safe and controlled environment.

We cover the following topics:

  • Passing other vehicles
  • 360-degree searching and awareness
  • Communicating with other drivers
  • Steering techniques 
  • Distracted driving
  • Jump-starting the vehicle
  • Checking the fluid levels to avoid damage
  • Measuring air pressure
  • Changing tires
  • And more!

Skills Day helps teens apply their newly acquired knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Littleton, CO Teen Driver’s License Testing

We administer the Written Permit Test at our Littleton, CO, location. The paper test occurs in a quiet classroom and includes two attempts. Our instructors can answer any questions you or your teen may have about the testing process.

Once your child completes the required classroom and Behind-the-Wheel Training, they’ll be ready to take the Colorado Driver’s License Test. They can take the test in their vehicle or one of our company vehicles with one attempt to pass. We are a DMV-approved third-party Colorado Driver’s License Testing facility.

Adult Driver’s Education in Littleton, CO

Community Driving School in Littleton, CO, offers adult driver’s education courses to help you achieve your goals. Our adult driving courses will help you obtain your driver’s license quickly and safely. We provide instruction in the classroom and on the road – all tailored to adults who need a refresher or those just starting. We offer three comprehensive adult driver’s education packages:

The Starter Pack

Includes Colorado Driver’s Permit Test prep and test administration. Additionally, adults receive six hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training and one attempt for the Colorado Driver’s License Test.

The Standard Pack

Includes six hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training and one attempt for the Colorado Driver’s License Test.

The Premium Pack

Includes ten hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training and one attempt for the Colorado Driver’s License Test.

Littleton, CO Adult Driver Coaching

Our Driver Coaching sessions in Littleton, CO, are perfect for adults who want to improve their skills. They include a Driver Assessment conducted by our unbiased, third-party professionals. We take you through important tasks, such as the following:

Acceleration and braking
Steering and shifting
Searching and lane keeping
Three-second following distance
Intersections and stopping
We also cover seven driving environments to ensure you receive the most experience. Then, we’ll provide a verbal and written evaluation, so you can know what to improve.

International Visitor Driver Training

Our International Visitor Driver Training program will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed for a safe driving experience. It includes three major parts:

  • One-on-one in-class instruction with the Colorado Driver’s Permit Test
  • Six hours of behind-the-wheel training
  • The Colorado Driver’s License Test 

It’s important to note that new drivers often require more than six hours of road training to be competent and safe. Ensure you practice with family and friends before taking the Driver’s License Test.

Littleton, CO Adult Driver’s License Testing

At Community Driving School, we administer the Colorado Driver’s License Test at our Littleton location. We will test in one of our vehicles or your vehicle with one attempt to pass. We are a DMV-approved third-party Colorado Driver’s License Testing facility.

If you have any questions about adult driver’s education, driver coaching, or getting your license, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to helping you.

Why Choose Our Teen & Adult Driver’s Education in Littleton, CO?

At Community Driving School, we understand that teen and adult drivers’ education can sometimes be intimidating and stressful. That’s why our instructors are trained to provide the highest quality instruction available in Littleton, CO.

We have the right program for you, with flexible scheduling options and a wide range of courses. Plus, with our recent acquisition of Peak Driver’s Ed, adults and teens receive well-rounded training and instruction.

Hit the Road With the Best Littleton, CO Teen & Adult Driver’s Education

Our goal is to offer top-quality teen and adult driver’s education in Littleton, CO. Our experienced instructors will ensure you become a safe and responsible driver on the road. Additionally, our merging with Peak Driver’s Ed means you’ll learn from the most qualified coaches and professionals in Littleton.

We have decades of experience teaching new drivers the skills they need for success behind the wheel. With our state-certified programs and affordable prices, we offer the best teen and adult driver’s education in Littleton, CO.

Contact us today to learn more about our teen and adult driver’s education services and how we can help you become a better, safer driver. We look forward to hearing from you!