Teen & Adult Driver’s Education in Westminster, CO

Community Driving School provides comprehensive teen and adult driver’s education in Westminster, CO. Our instructors are experts in all areas of the road test to equip you with the tools needed for safe driving.

Our courses cater to adult and teen drivers, enabling them to improve their driving skills and build confidence. Our partnership with Peak Driver’s Ed brings even more options for Westminster drivers.

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Teen Driver’s Education

Our courses at Community Driving School help teenagers develop safe driving skills. Our experienced instructors equip teens with the knowledge and confidence to be responsible drivers on Westminster’s roads.

Students in our teen driver’s education program learn to follow traffic laws and use defensive driving techniques. We provide hands-on training to assist them in passing driver testing and obtaining a Colorado Driver’s License.

State-Certified 30-Hour Classroom Course

Our engaging 30-hour course thoroughly prepares teens for every aspect of the written permit exam. We designed a curriculum that meets Colorado’s requirements and inspires students to become responsible, knowledgeable drivers. 

Our 4-day, 30-hour classroom course teaches your new driver how to navigate the road confidently. Through in-depth lessons and hands-on driving simulations, students will master critical topics like safe driving techniques and road rules. 

Each day stands alone, so your child can take them in any order. We frequently combine courses over weekends or during school breaks so teens can complete them quickly

Colorado state law requires students to finish all four subject areas within six months. Your child can attend when they’re available—no scheduling necessary!

Online Self-Paced 30-Hour Course

iGottaDrive is a state-certified online driver’s education program that enables your teen to learn at their own pace. This flexible 30-hour course pairs the latest research and safety insights to create a powerful learning experience. 

Your child will embark on an interactive journey nationwide, learning safe driving habits, life-saving vehicle technologies, and license requirements. With iGottaDrive, your teen can get ready to drive safely and responsibly on their schedule.

Your child will tackle engaging quizzes that build the knowledge and skills required to ace Colorado’s driving exam. Each milestone earns a digital reward to mark their progress toward independence and the open road.

Through this software, your teen will navigate the U.S. on a road trip. By completing interactive quizzes, they’ll prepare for the Colorado Written Permit Test, receiving e-postcards for each milestone.

6-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Training in Westminster

Our 6-Hour Behind-the-Wheel Training for Westminster, CO, teens strives to help your child achieve the following:

  • Control your steering
  • Observe all traffic laws
  • Maintain your space
  • Utilize searching
  • Notice your surroundings
  • Identify dangers
  • Train your eyes
  • You’re responsible

Community Driving School offers hands-on driving lessons to prepare new drivers. Over six hours with our seasoned instructors, students gain experience handling vehicles in diverse conditions and situations. 

4-Hour Driver Awareness Course

Community Driving School’s 4-Hour Driver Awareness Course provides classroom instruction for Westminster teens aged 15 ½ to 16. The course fulfills Colorado’s Graduated Driver’s License Law.

As an alternative to the standard 30-hour driver’s education program, students can take this course on their own time. They will learn the same curriculum to prepare them for the test.

The 4-Hour Driver Awareness Program is an excellent way to introduce teenagers to the basics of driving in Colorado. Your child will also learn the required state content in the 30-Hour Classroom Course.

Skills Day

Skills Day immerses students in realistic driving simulations using golf carts. Teens can test their newly acquired road skills in a thrilling yet controlled setting. The high-octane experience makes learning to drive as fun as it is informative.

We cover the following topics:

  • Passing other vehicles
  • 360-degree searching and awareness
  • Communicating with other drivers
  • Steering techniques 
  • Distracted driving
  • Jump-starting the vehicle
  • Checking the fluid levels to avoid damage
  • Measuring air pressure
  • Changing tires
  • And more!

Teen Driver’s License Testing in Westminster, CO

We offer the Colorado Driver’s Permit exam at our Westminster facility. In a distraction-free setting, teens have two opportunities to demonstrate mastery of road signs, signals, and traffic laws. We’re happy to provide guidance and address any concerns you may have about the testing process.

After completing the required driver training, your teen will be ready to earn their Colorado Driver’s License. They can either take the test in their vehicle or one of ours. As a DMV-approved testing center, we help new drivers start their journey to independence and responsibility.

Westminster, CO, Adult Driver’s Education

Our driving school in Westminster, CO, offers adult driving courses to help you earn your license efficiently and confidently. We provide expert instruction and flexible options for classroom and road-based lessons.

Our adult driver’s education course provides personalized instruction, regardless of your skill level. Our supportive teachers and proven curriculum will lead you to success.

Adult Driver’s Education Packages

We offer three all-inclusive adult driver’s education packages. The Starter Pack includes everything you’ll need to prepare for and pass the Colorado Driver’s License Test. For those who need additional practice time behind the wheel, we offer the Standard and Premium Packs.

The Starter Pack

Includes Colorado Driver’s Permit Test prep and test administration. Adults receive six hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training and one attempt for the Colorado Driver’s License Test.

The Standard Pack

Includes six hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training and one attempt for the Colorado Driver’s License Test.

The Premium Pack

Includes ten hours of Behind-the-Wheel Training and one attempt for the Colorado Driver’s License Test.

Westminster, CO, Adult Driver’s License Testing

We offer the Colorado Driver’s License Test at our Westminster location. You can take the test in one of our vehicles or your car with one attempt to pass. Community Driving School is a DMV-approved third-party Colorado Driver’s License Testing provider.

Please contact us for any inquiries regarding adult driver’s education, coaching, or obtaining your license. We are eager to assist you!

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Community Driving School provides comprehensive, affordable, and state-certified driver’s education for teens and adults. Our driving instructors will help you become safe and responsible on Colorado’s roads.

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