Denver is home to numerous driving schools. You can learn or improve your driving or meet the minimum state requirements for your drivers license by registering at a driving school in Denver. For quick and professional learning, Learn to Drive Colorado is your best option. We are a premier Denver Driving School that has been serving in the city for a number of years. We offer different license programs and educational packages for facilitating the growth, knowledge and safety of our clients.

If you want to obtain a driving license, we take pride in being a reliable Denver driving school. The factors that set us apart from other driving schools in Denver are:

Thorough, Professional Education

We teach driving in a thorough, professional and effective manner. From the basics of driving to advance training, we teach our trainees each aspect of what makes for a safe, defensive driver in Colorado. We are dedicated and committed to providing exceptional services to our clients with our professional approach.

Qualified and Experienced Staff

Our staff at Learn to Drive is highly-qualified and well-experienced. They are professionally trained to teach our trainees in the most effective manner and ensure success when trying to obtain a license for the first time.

Flexible and Convenient Schedules

At Learn to Drive Colorado, the convenience and comfort of our clients is of utmost importance to us. Thus, we offer flexible and convenient scheduling options. They can set their schedule at the time that is best for them, and learn driving from professional, certified, and expert drivers.

Driver License Requirements

If you want to obtain a driver's license in Denver, these are the requirements that you need to follow:

Identity Proof

For the registration of a driving license, the basic requirement for the candidate is to prove their identity. For this, they need to show their U.S. passport or ID Card. Their certificate of citizenship or birth certificate will be required to validate their age and name.

The candidate will also be required to present your CO ID card or valid 1-551 etc. to prove their lawful presence in the US. In addition to that, it is also compulsory for them to prove their Colorado residency for which, their proof of insurance, utility bills or other such documents can be asked for.

Important for Candidates: make sure all the documents you are presenting have your full name written with complete spellings and there should be no discrepancy in them.

Social Security Number

The candidate is required to present their social security number at the time of applying for their driving license. In case the case that they do not have one, they need to get a letter from SSA and present it to the authorities. In this letter, it must be clearly mentioned that the candidate does not have a social security number.

Vision Exam

Candidates are required to pass a vision exam. Clearing this exam is a must for getting a Denver driving license.

Written Permit Test

Candidates are also required to pass a written permit test. By clearing this exam, they will get their learner's permit.

Driving Test

Most important of all, the candidate is required to pass a driving test for obtaining a license. At Learn to Drive – a premium Driving School in Denver, we can help our clients to pass the driving test with full confidence. We are also a certified 3rd party license testing facility, so if you do not want to wait for several months to get your drivers test completed, we offer driving tests in a much more efficient manner. We can usually get you scheduled to take your test within 1 week of inquiring.

License Fee

A fee of $27 is required to be paid by the candidate for applying for the driver's license in Denver.

Important: the requirements may vary with the type of driving license you have applied for.

If you have any query or want more information, feel free to visit us anytime. You can also call us at 303-404-3880 or 303-232-5600.

Are looking for a driving school in Colorado? There are numerous Denver driving schools who are teaching driving skills to those trying to obtain a license or others trying to hone their skills. Helping them to get the level of experience they require our specialty at Learn to Drive Colorado. When selecting a driving school in Colorado, make sure they are certified and professional. If you are registering with an unprofessional Colorado driving school, there is a high chance that your time, effort, and money are at risk of being wasted.

You will not have to face these issues if you are relying on a premium driving school in Colorado. Learn To Drive Colorado is known as a reputable Colorado driving school specializing in assisting people to learn or improve driving skills. We offer an array of programs for residents of Colorado of all ages. Furthermore, we also offer testing services and conduct driver assessments so that you can feel confident when being tested by the state.

Professional Colorado Driving Instructors

We have hired professionally trained, experienced, and experts in this field, who are at the forefront of providing exemplary training to those who register with us. We use our expertise and experience to ensure the maximum satisfaction of those who require assistance, so that they can obtain their driving license without any difficulty.

At Learn to Drive Colorado, we believe in going above and beyond the set standards and offer our clients the maximum value for their money. The specific facets mentioned above have made us a renowned driving school in Colorado.

Colorado Drivers License Requirements

To obtain a driving license in Colorado, every individual must abide by the requirements set forth by the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles. These requirements vary with the type of license. For example, the requirements for obtaining a teen's license are different than those of adult license or for people who are of international origins and are new to this state trying to obtain a license.

To acquire a license, an individual has to prove their identity and lawful residency in Colorado, and for this they will be required to show certain documents. Furthermore, all potential drivers will be required to clear three exams: a vision test, written driving exam, and a state approved driving test. It is mandatory for every individual to pass these tests in order to obtain their Colorado issued drivers license.

Out of the three tests, the driving test is the final and the most crucial stage. Thus, when selecting a Colorado driving school, you must consider numerous factors before enrolling yourself or a family member. Here are some of the factors to look for in a driving school:

  • Certified & Licensed: The institute must be certified and licensed by the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles in order to teach the rules of the road to potential candidates of a drivers license, those who are trying to re-obtain their license, or individuals of international origin.
  • Reviews: Check the reviews before registering yourself. Learn To Drive Colorado prides itself in being one of the highest reviewed driving schools in Colorado!
  • Experience: The Colorado driving school you select must have a proven track record of teaching candidates the effective techniques and practices necessary to successfully pass all the state issued tests and assessments.
  • Professional Trainers: Lastly, professional and experienced trainers of Learn To Drive Colorado ensure that you are receiving the training necessary to obtain your Colorado license. A well rounded and versatile driving instructor has the insight proven to help those seeking a Colorado license, which they implement in order to help help everyone pass the driver exams.
    Learn to Drive boasts of all the factors discussed above. You can register yourself with confidence and clear your driving tests in a professional way. For more guidance or assistance in clearing tests, contact Learn to Drive – a premium Colorado driving school at 303-404-3880 or 303-232- 5600.