Teen Driver’s Education Near Denver, CO, at Community Driving School

Colorado law requires new teen drivers to complete a comprehensive education program before obtaining their license. Community Driving School proudly offers teen driver’s education near Denver, CO, that meets all state requirements. Our curriculum equips teens with the knowledge and skills to navigate the roads safely and confidently.

Our Teen Driver's Education Programs

Each student has different needs and learning styles, so we offer classroom and online education options to cater to individual preferences.

30-Hour In-Person Class

Community Driving School’s state-certified 30-hour classroom course is unlike any other. Our class covers everything the State of Colorado requires, plus personal touches from our awesome group of instructors. The 30-hour class is broken down into 4 individual days:
  • Defensive Driving
  • Traffic Laws
  • Basic and Advanced Maneuvers
  • Understanding Your Vehicle
Each day stands alone — you can take them in ANY order you like. We frequently pair classes over a weekend or during school breaks to take them in a week or over two weeks. As long as you complete all four within 6 months (as required by state law), you do not need to schedule classes–just attend as you can. Adding the Skills Day is a great way for kids to get hands-on experience in a controlled, fun environment. Check the Skills Day out!

4-Hour Driver Awareness

As part of the Graduated Driver’s License law in Colorado and if you are between 15 1/2 and 16 years old – this course fulfills the classroom portion of your driver’s education requirement.

(Please note: You can take either the 4-Hour Driver Awareness Course or the 30-Hour Driver’s Ed Course to fulfill this requirement.)

This teen driving class near Denver, CO, covers the required state content, including Driving for Beginners, Making Good Decisions, and Driving Behaviors. Classes are held once a month on Wednesday evenings via Zoom. This course’s contents are also covered in our 30-hour class.

Self-Paced 30-Hour Class Online

Learn at your own pace through our partnership with iGottaDrive – the complete 30-Hour Colorado Teen Online Driving Course that offers the newest online driver’s ed class.

This course is designed as a road trip across the United States, incorporating the latest research into driver habits, safety features of new vehicles, and all the required topics the state requires.

Permit Testing

As a certified third-party testing center, Colorado authorizes us to administer permit tests. We offer permit testing services to our students and other members of the public.

In-Car Training

Our teen driver’s education program near Denver offers a Six-Hour Behind-the-Wheel in-car training program. During this course, we teach our students to control their steering to ensure safety for themselves and others, observing all traffic laws.  

Driver's License Testing

Community Driving School is a certified third-party testing center in Colorado, and we offer driver’s license testing services that assess your teen’s readiness to become a licensed driver and ensure they have mastered the skills to navigate the roads safely.

Why Choose Community Driving School for Teen Driver's Education Near Denver, CO?

Community Driving School offers comprehensive, engaging teen driver’s education near Denver, CO, with flexible learning options. Equip your teen with the skills and knowledge to be a safe, confident driver today.