Driving laws

The roads around the State of Colorado are being driven now more thsn ever, and as a result there is a much higher potential for accidents between vehicles. The State of Colorado brought about legislation to change the education requirements for teen drivers who are getting ready to get their Colorado Drivers Permit and then […]

The Importance of Searching

The essence of defensive driving revolves around the idea of being prepared for what other drivers may or may not do on the road. This concept is not new but the importance of being a defensive driver cannot be overstated. Drivers who practice defensive driving are less likely to get into an automobile accident. There […]

Ten Tips for Taking Your Drive Test

It’s time to take the Colorado Drive Test! No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been driving, everyone is understandably nervous on test day. Here are ten tips to help make test day stress free. STOP Come to a complete stop at both stop signs and right turns on a red light. […]

The Zipper Merge – Are You Doing It Right?

Are you familiar with the term zipper merge?  It might be better called “cutting in line the proper way”. OK, so what then IS the zipper merge? If you’ve driven any amount of time, you have experienced it. Most zipper merges in Denver are commonly found in construction zones where two lanes merge into one. You know what […]

The Dangers Of Weaving In Colorado Traffic

You’ve seen them. We’ve all seen them: Drivers changing from one lane to another all over the road in the hopes of saving time. They skirt around one slower vehicle after another in the hopes of arriving at their destination earlier. Does all of that weaving in and out help?  And could it potentially be […]