The Zipper Merge – Are You Doing It Right?

Are you familiar with the term zipper merge?  It might be better called “cutting in line the proper way”. OK, so what then IS the zipper merge? If you’ve driven any amount of time, you have experienced it. Most zipper merges in Denver are commonly found in construction zones where two lanes merge into one. You know what happens – everyone tries to get into the open lane and out of the closing lane as soon as possible. You’re trying to be respectful and do the right thing, however, doing this is not good for traffic flow and nor is this the way it is intended to occur.

Once you’ve successfully merged early on, you curse the person for driving past on your right to get to the front of the line to merge. How inconsiderate, you think! Well, surprisingly, that other driver is actually doing it right!! Traffic flows more quickly and smoothly when cars in the open lane allow and permit cars from the closing lane to enter the open lane. It’s best done one car at a time. More and more states across the country, including Colorado, are encouraging drivers to use the zipper merge through signs showing how and when to merge. Ideally, you want the merge to be a smooth transition and not sudden.

So, with the zipper merge, if you are in the open lane, your lane will be shorter. If you find yourself in the closing lane, you will be moving more quickly. Try it. You’ll like it, and so will your fellow travelers!

Denver Driving School Can Help!

As one of the most well-respected driving schools in Colorado and Denver, specifically, Learn To Drive Colorado is here to help you learn the rules of the road and the best practices to utilize when driving.  We will help to ensure not only your own safety but also that of the drivers around you.  Topics such as the Zipper Merge and other more obscure maneuvers are covered in our 30 hour Denver driving school program.  In addition, we will take you on the road and provide you or your teen with the practical experience they will need to ensure they are practicing various driving maneuvers properly.

In addition to offering drivers ed classes to Denver teens, Learn To Drive Colorado also has classes for adults who are trying to sharpen up on their defensive driving skills.  We even have classes for international drivers who are trying to obtain their Colorado drivers license!

Why Utilize A Private Driving School?

Simply put, it saves you time and considerable frustration.  If you apply for your practical driving test at the DMV, you could wait up to 3 MONTHS before they are able to schedule your test.  In addition, merely scheduling the Colorado driving test does NOT ensure that you pass the test!  Imagine failing the driving test and then having to wait another 3 months to try again!  Learn To Drive Colorado is a licensed 3rd party driving test provider located in Denver.  We can sometimes even schedule same-day driving tests if you are in a huge rush!  So why deal with the frustrating, bureaucratic DMV when you can get the same test completed by the smiling faces at Learn To Drive??  Contact us today to learn more and schedule your Denver driving test today!